Monday, June 15, 2009

Grandbabes on parade

Just sharing a few new pics of the grandkids.

First, my handsome and very smart oldest, Gaige Colin.


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My second and also very smart and handsome grandson, Nathan Connor, performing at his Kindergarten graduation program. It was a Caribbean theme.

Here's one of the songs they performed.

With his beloved teacher, Ms. Tammy Ardrey.
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The lovely and shy, Miss Kaitlyn Emily, sister to the above boys.


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The beautiful and elusive Miss Lauren Elizabeth who does not like having her picture taken by Grammy. Probably because her daddy takes a bazillion pictures of her!

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And last, but certainly not least, the amazing Matthew Tyler, Lauren's little brother who will soon be one year old. He's into EVERYTHING!


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CottageGirl said...

Hey Susan!
Five grands! They are gorgeous! Just by looking at the pics, you can tell their sweet, yet individual personalities.
You are blessed!

Susan said...

Thank you, CG! They are ALL very sweet and very different and all five are huge blessings to us.

Sandy Nawrot said...

What precious little babies! We've just been converting our old videos to DVD (for both sets of grandparents) and are saddened to think of how quickly they grow. Ours were just these ages, and now they are perched at the edge of teendom! Thank you for sharing pictures of your little rays of sunshine!

Char said...

what beautiful grandchildren. so sweet and cute! I know you are very proud.

Susan said...

Thanks, Sandy! They do grow up in a flash, don't they? It's hard for me to believe my baby will be 28 on her birthday in September!

Susan said...

Char, thank you! We are so very proud of them all!

Ruth said...

Dolls dolls dolls. Their smiles say a lot about them. Does Lauren Elizabeth have a little attitude? We have a niece by that name too, all grown up and married now.

You are reminding me that we have to take videos when our grandbabies come. We were at another niece's grad open house yesterday, looking at old videos/movies from Don's family - including one from 1973 of his high school graduation and days surrounding - and we thought, why aren't we videotaping today? We need to get a good digital camera. I would love to video Lesley's wedding too. There is something so wonderful about having moving pictures as well as these adorable stills.

Sorry, I got off a little - but I'm digging into serious wedding mode now! I felt the gear shift on the weekend. It's a good thing. Now I'll stop being so lazy.

Hey, I think I'm writing you what I should be writing in an email!

Susan said...

Ruthie, you are sweet! Yes, you can read a lot with just smiles, can't you?

Miss Lauren does have an attitude! How did you guess? :) She is very sassy, and very much wants to be her own boss! Both the girls are very smart, too!

I think your digital camera is very good! If your photos get any better we will have to start shading our eyes when we look at them for fear of being blinded by sheer genius!

June is flying by and soon it will be July and day!!!!!!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

they are too darn cute! Aren't they such fun?

Susan said...

They are so much fun and they keep me hopping! Thanks, Jackee!

Ladybug said...

Gorgeous kids! Little Lauren looks like my daughter at that age.

I like your new header too! LBx

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH, how precious, Kaityln is the picture of her mommy, and Matthew is the picture of Jaye.
Love you, Debbie

Susan said...

Thank you, Ladybug! I take full credit for their beauty! I'm glad you like the new header.

Susan said...

Hi, Debbie Jo! Hey, everyone, Debbie is my niece and not only that, we're only 4 years difference in age, so we were raised like sisters and best friends!

Love you, too, sweetie!

Ruth said...

No, I meant we need a good digial VIDEO camera! Thank you though. :)

I'm sorry, I am so swamped, I haven't had time to do anything I really want to do, like write you. My new schedule started, and I have to be at work at 8am for the next 6 weeks! Bleh.

VaNeSsA said...

Oh my gosh!! SOOOOO cute! My heart is instantly attached to Kaitlyn, since my Francesca is quite shy as well. Those big eyes! Too cute.

PeacefulWmn9 said...

I adore babies and children, and have literally learned so much from them. Your grandbabes are delightful! And they look so happy :)


Oliag said...

You know I adore pictures of grandchildren! These are great! Do you print out many of your pics? I have so many in my computer but never seem to get around to printing out any:(