Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's behind folder number 4?

Okay, so Violet Sky just tagged me to play the "Open Your 4th Folder Game". I knew this would be one of the four million pictures of the grandkids, and I was right!

It was June, 2003, and this is grandson number two, Nathan Connor, at 3 months being held up for viewing by his mommy, Aimee.  (She will kill me if she sees this and sees her fingernails very much in need of polish.)  Aimee and Daniel had just moved here from Louisiana a few weeks before and were living with us until they found jobs. Nathan's older brother Gaige was just 20 months old at the time, so they were quite a handful!

So now, it is my pleasure to tag  four more suckers friends to:
  1. Open the fourth folder in your picture storing place.
  2. Go to the fourth picture in that folder.
  3. Explain the photo.
  4. Tag four people to do the same.
And the lucky four are:

Oooh, Violet Sky is gonna be so mad at me! I just can't do it to anyone else. But if you are so inclined, please feel free to participate. It's quick and easy and kinda fun.


Sandy Nawrot said...

Oh my goodness, he has grown so much since then! I've done this meme as well, and it is almost a little scary what you are going to land on! Like you, there would be a 90% chance of it being kids.

BTW, I LOVE your new banner. What a beautiful picture!

Susan said...

Thanks, Sandy, I think this header is my favorite so far.

Yes, it's amazing how much takes place in six short years! He's such a little man now!

Ruth said...

I'll bet 98% of your photo files are your grandkids. I look forward to that one day. I might need another external hard drive then!

Nathan is a sweety. We have a niece we call "chubby cheeks" - well she's 18 now, but sometimes we still do.

So out of curiosity I had to do the fourth folder fourth pic thing. Mine is a rainbow over a field on my drive home from work. :)

Susan said...

Ruthie, the grandkids probably were 98% of my photos until I started blogging and getting a little more they're only 95%!

Oh, I bet your niece loves being called "chubby cheeks" at 18! She probably puts up with it because she loves you so much. Just don't ever do it in front of her friends!

I figured your fourth would be a beautiful scenic view, but just wait until you start getting those grandbabies...there won't be a hard drive big enough!

CottageGirl said...

Adorable photo of Nathan! He's looking square into the camera! My fourth of the fourth would be a poor, blurry, out-of-focus attempt at photographic mundaneness!

I think Aimee's fingernails are like a trophy in a way.

They say "World's Hardest Working Mom".

Good for you, Aimee!

Good for you, Grandma!

California Girl said...

Funny. I have let a meme sit in my Inbox for a week because I just cannot get up the energy to respons with the criteria and nominate others. It's a double edged sword because I am pleased someone thinks much of my blog but am resistant to passing on what now amounts (to my mind) to a chain letter.

btw, I rec'd one of those 9chain ltr) as well. It has a lottery ticket inside. Jeez.

Susan said...

CG, actually I wish my fingernails looked half as good as Aimee's in that state! She has perfectly shaped ones, while mine are flat, short and just not pretty.

Nathan has always loved having his picture taken!

Susan said...

I know, Cali Girl, I just can't bear to pass the memes on to others and I agree with you on the similarity to chain letters and I never send those on. I usually send them back to the sender with an explanation and an apology.

Yikes! so you're gonna have to buy 9 lottery tickets? I think I would just send it back!

VioletSky said...

Oh don't worry about passing on these tags ... I've noticed a few people don't. Some people even 'steal' them from other blogs and start their own "if you wish to play along" tag.

btw, that look on Nathan's face is so priceless - I wouldn't have noticed Aimee's nails had you not mentioned them....!!

VioletSky said...

but, if you do play along, let us know so we can come over and have a look.

Char said...

what a little cutie!!! :)

Susan said...

Whew, I'm so happy you aren't mad at me, Sanna! I really didn't think you would be, but it's good to know anyway.

Isn't that the greatest picture?!! He looks so darned serious and those fat jaws make him look like Alfred Hitchcock! What's funny is Nathan is a big prankster and practical 6 years old!

Susan said...

Thank you, dear Char!

Don said...

I don't have four folders of photos! That's what I get for living with a photographer. I love the new header with the bridge.

Susan said...

Hey, Don, get to snapping! It won't take long at all to get four! Of course, you'll never catch up to Ruth, but then who can? lol

Thank you!

Oliag said...

Oh those cheeks!

You will have to go and see what my fouth folder contains...will be posting soon I hope...

ds said...

Too cute! He looks ready to take on the entire world--starting with the camera!

Susan said...

Oliag, don't you just want to pinch cheeks like that?!!

Can't wait to see your photo!

Susan said...

ds he looks like he wants to eat the camera!