Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for all I have

Before I went into the grocery store, I took a twenty out of my wallet and put it into my coat pocket. I just had a feeling. I had a list a mile long and started the task of picking out the right vegetables, the ten pounds of sweet potatoes that never seems to be enough for my carb-crazy family, the little extra snack items that you seem to need when you have a houseful of people for four days.

I saw her a couple of times looking over items, picking them up and putting them back, then choosing the least expensive items she could find. She didn't look sad or stressed, but it was plain to see that she was stretching every penny, trying to come up with a nice Thanksgiving for her family, or maybe just for herself.

As I finished up my shopping, I turned around to where I had just seen her. I palmed the folded bill and walked over to her as if greeting a friend. I said, "Ma'am, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving" and took her warm, weathered hand in both of mine.  I could tell that she was trying to remember who I was as I pressed the money into her hand. As her startled eyes looked into mine, she said thank you and God bless. I smiled and walked away, wishing I had done more.

I wish all of my wonderful friends who visit me here a blessed Thanksgiving Day spent with the ones you love.

*photo taken from American Corners in Hungary website