Saturday, September 6, 2008

Doin' the happy egg dance!

First egg, first egg! You heard it here first! Today the pullets are twenty weeks old and when I went out to the hen house at 9:00 a.m. to open the pop door into the run, I looked into the nest boxes as usual. Ruby, Goldie's sister, was sitting in one. She looked quite content, but when she hopped down, there was no egg.

Oh well. I went back inside the house, but when I went out again at 11:30 to let them out to free range, there was this cute little brown egg just lying there with the wooden egg! I did the happy egg dance and grabbed it and ran into the house to show Gaige, Nathan and Kaitlyn. They each had to have their picture taken while holding it. I totally forgot to take a picture of the egg in the nest. Too excited, I guess!

Here it is sitting on a bread plate.

After I dropped the kids off at their house, I went shopping in Dublin. David is still out of town, so all afternoon I planned my dinner, centered, of course, around that sweet little egg. And this is how it went.

I made some buttermilk biscuits, Jimmy Dean sausage and sausage gravy to go with the egg.

And then the piece de resistance sitting on top of a biscuit half going toward my mouth. Let me tell you, that is the closest to the Big O in a food experience as I am ever likely to get. It was absolutely the best egg I've ever tasted, so rich and no off taste whatsoever. It just tasted like nature. The picture's a little fuzzy, but the yolk was running down my hand and I didn't want a single drop to escape!

And here are Gaige, Nathan and Kaitlyn holding the precious egg. They were as excited as I was.


Anonymous said...

Hurray! Hurray! I'm doing the happy egg dance with you! Isn't it wonderful how they taste??? Nothing like it in the stores, that's for sure! Congratulations and ENJOY!!!

Susan said...

They are so wonderful! Even the eggs that I've bought from local farms didn't taste as half as good. Can't wait to get more!

Don said...

Yea!!! It's so fun to find them in your own coop from your own hens!

Congratulations, now you have joined the "happy egg gatherers club."

Happy gathering, I never get tired of it. You won't either...

Susan said...

Thanks, Don! I got another one today! I saved it to show my hubby when he gets back home from Colorado. I just know how excited I will be every time I see an egg or eggs in the nests.