Saturday, September 20, 2008

Three eggs today and the bees have gone away

Peep, one of the barred rocks, laid her first egg today! This is also my first day to get three eggs. Ruby and Henrietta laid the other two. It's really petite and sweet. It's sitting in a napkin ring.

The honeybees have deserted the Autumn Joy sedum. I haven't seen one since the winds blew through. I hope they find their way back home, or at least find a new home.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Peep is such a pretty girl! Did you get your chickens from McMurray? I just love those first few pullet eggs. Aren't they just the sweetest and cutest eggs? Some of my girls have begun to lay large eggs now, the rest are still in the medium to small range.

I've got 3 Plymouth Rocks, one a Buff and the other two are Barred. I just love this breed and wish my whole flock was Plymouth Rocks. Although the Australorps are pretty to look at...big black birds against a green lawn look so lovely.

Yesterday the girls set a new record: 8 eggs in a day! I wonder when we will get our first dozen?

Susan said...

Three eggs again today! Only one of them was from a RIR. David saw her lay it. I love the Rocks, too! They're probably my favorite, but then, I have several favorites! Wow, you're actually getting enough now to share with your extended family. I can't wait until we can do that.

I got my chicks from Mt. Healthy and I haven't had any health issues with them so far.

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Isn't Mt. Healthy in Ohio? I would like to visit a hatchery some day and see how it all works. I wonder where McMurray keeps all their breeding stocks?

I keep track of the number of eggs the girls lay each day on my office calendar. According to my calendar, the girls started laying well within 2 weeks of starting. So you're not far! It's nice to be able to use as many eggs as I want each day.

Ruth said...

Ah, first eggs, first eggs. It's all so exciting. Amazing how alike barred rocks and our cuckoo marans look.

Thanks for coming by huffing! Eesh, what are we coming to when people are so in love with that Palin woman??