Monday, March 2, 2009

Home and Garden and Movies Show

My best friend Cindy and I went to the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show at the Ohio Expo Center on Saturday. I broke one of my cardinal rules about going to anything like that on the opening day. I think everyone in central Ohio was there. The venue seemed smaller than usual, probably affected by the economy, and the bodies were really packed in there. I kind of hate tight crowds, so we didn't stay long.

I was hoping to see an equal balance of inside and outside displays, but there was only one featuring an ultra-gourmet kitchen. (Anyone watch HGTV?) Not that I aspire to one of these over-indulgent monstrosities, but it's fun to look at them occasionally. I was mildly impressed by the movie blockbuster garden theme which prominently focused on outdoor kitchens and living areas. Well, I suppose that's the new "in" thing and they're very nice, don't get me wrong, but who can afford to create that kind of landscaping these days?

It was hard to get pictures because of the crowd, but here are my favorites. Oh, and my batteries died in the point-and-shoot, so I didn't get them all. I'm sure this will be enough to start you yawning.

'Cast Away' was one of the most detailed displays. Notice Wilson beside the grass shack.



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'The Secret Garden' was sweet.
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Herbie was ridin' high in 'The Love Bug'.
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'Ratatouille' was cute and imaginative, but I couldn't get people out of my way to actually get any flowers.
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'Mary Poppins' was a little insulted when I asked if she was twelve. No, sixteen.

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Lastly, three water features that I liked.

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(Of course, you can click on the photos to make them bigger.)


Ruth said...

Love that Wilson! And that FedEx plane is elaborate! The crutches in the Secret Garden are touching.

They really went to a lot of work and expense for this show. Too bad it was so crowded. You'll know better next year, right?

At least it's springy indoors! Lesley had her flight to NYC canceled twice now from TX, yesterday and again today. Not that she's complaining to miss work. She said it's the first time, like EVER that NYC closed schools today.

Susan said...

Ruthie, I know! The east coast is getting pounded. I'm glad Lesley is able to enjoy a couple of extra days off.

Who knows if they will even be able to have a H/G show next year with this depressed economy. UGH!

VioletSky said...

Damn people.
Those crutches could have made a good cattle prod.

Susan said...

That's right, Sanna! People be damned! They had no right to be taking up my space! Next time I'll bring my own cattle prod. Then just watch 'em scatter!

Amy said...

Those hydrangeas are a testament to the powers of greenhouses in the dead of winter! All that green looks so inviting.

I hate crowds too. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Susan said...

Amy, the hydrangeas looked really fake, even though they were live. Reminded me of the ones that they sell in Kroger's floral dept. The spring flowers were nice though. Tulips mostly.

Yeah, crowds bad, open spaces good.

Tipper said...

I don't like crowds either! But it looks like a fun trip-you gotta love Wilson!

Cindy said...

It's amazing, for each person who hates crowds, there must be one who loves them, otherwise events like these wouldn't do well at all. I don't like crowds, and usually avoid them at all costs, but I love touring gardens for ideas.

Imagine all the time that goes into creating these temporary displays...

Susan said...

Tipper, Wilson is my kind of man. Always smiling and resilient, not to mention quiet. :)

Susan said...

Cindy, those displays were only a day old (not counting set-up time) and the trees were already looking a little stressed. Can't imagine how they'll look after 2 weeks! Hopefully it was just transplant shock.

California Girl said...

Last year my husband and I took a road trip to Kentucky to visit family 7 friends. while staying in Ft. Mitchell, we went across the river to see the Cincinnati Flower Show and it was so beautiful! Your comments have us talking about going again this year. Thanks!

Susan said...

California Girl, thanks for stopping by! I've been wanting to go the Cincinnati one for years and never have made it over there. Maybe this year.