Sunday, March 15, 2009

March is for Birthdays

With Nathan's sixth birthday on the 7th, Lauren's third birthday on the 13th, my pal Cindy's on the 14th and Daniel's on the 18th, March is a very busy birthday month around here. Nathan's and Lauren's are the big ones and I'll let the pictures tell the story.
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Wistful and wishful girls.
Don't worry Lauren, your turn is coming soon.
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Blow hard, Nate!
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It's Lauren's turn.
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Don't burn your hair!
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And a few of Matthew.
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Ruth said...

Matthew looks like the only non-birthday child who isn't envious! Those are some dandy-looking cakes - YUM. Wish it was my birthday (picture me looking like the wistful girls). Well, Don has one coming up, so I guess I need to pick a good cake that Lesley and I can bake in NYC.

Oh, to be a kid again.

Susan said...

Ruthie, Matthew was having a great time! In the short time between birthdays, he learned to crawl all over the place. He is Mr. Go-Go-Go!

You could do that pink one easily (well maybe another color for Don!). I bought an angel food cake from Kroger. Sliced it in 3 layers horizontally. For the filling I used 4 oz. cream cheese, beaten; then add one container of Cool Whip and beat until smooth and stir in a quart of sliced strawberries. Glop that between the layers. Mix another container of Cool Whip with a drop or two of your favorite color food coloring and spread it all over. Then decorate with your choice of sprinkles or what-not. Refrigerate for a couple of hours and serve with extra sliced strawberries. It was beyond yummy and so easy. I usually don't use CW, but for this I knew whipped cream wouldn't hold up well.

Everyone loved it and there wasn't a crumb left on the plate.

Char said...

soooooo adorable!!! what great photographs

Don said...

We usually have a conversation in my family at holidays: are you a cake or pie person? I am a cake person. Ruth would go for pie. I would definitely go for either of those cakes! I have three pink shirts!! (I even have a Pink shirt Day celebrated in my honor on my B'day since 1983 out in Pasadena!!)

Ruth said...

I think we have our answer! :D

And Lesley's favorite birthday cake is called Pink Lady. It's another strawberry version, but not angel food. My mom used to make it too.

This would be a very nummy alternative!

Susan said...

Thank you, Char! My photography can't compare to yours, but the grandkids make it easy 'cause they're so darned cute!

Susan said...

Don, I love it that you wear pink shirts! I think it's such a flattering color for anyone and wish it didn't cause cringing in most men. Women wear blue, so why not pink for men? Pink shirt Day, huh? Well, I will wear a pink one that day in your honor, too!

I'm usually a pie person, but that pink cake was sooooo good, I will definitely have to make exceptions. I've already had requests from a couple of family members to have that one for their birthdays.

VioletSky said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!

I'm having the last of my birthday cake for breakfast as I read this!

Susan said...

Good choice, Ruth! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I was going to make the cake from scratch, but couldn't stand the thought of all those yolks going to waste and I didn't have time to make 3 batches of cookie dough.

Anyway, I love Kroger's AF cake. The one in the black tube "pan" container. It has a very different texture than most AF cakes.

Susan said...

Happy birthday again, Sanna! Birthday cake for breakfast? Now that's what I call a nummy choice! I like apple pie for breakfast.

Oliag said...

You have taken wonderful pictures of your grandchildren!...and I know it is never as easy as it sounds...

Between July 4 and Aug 20 both of my daughters, both of their husbands, both of my grandchildren, my sister, and my best other words all my family other than me and my husband...have birthdays. Usually they all get one great big cake!

Me? I'm a pie person! (Rhubarb please!)

Cindy said...

great pics Susan! You've captured some wonderful expressions!

Susan said...

Wow, Oliag! That's some crazy birthday happenings! And I thought we had a lot!

If you love rhubarb, you should look at this recipe on Smitten Kitchen- I haven't tried it, but I had something similar at an inn in Indiana last year. It was divine and this sounds like it is, too. I'm going to try it as soon as I find some decent rhubarb.

Thanks for the props! As I'm sure you know, with little ones, you just shoot, shoot and shoot some more and hope something turns out. I get lucky most of the time.

Susan said...

Thanks, Cindy! They're very dramatic kids!

Delphine said...

HELLO from France! what a lovely post about your grandchildren; I am a grandma and a great grandma now, but am not able to attend all those lovely parties as my grandkids mostly live in England. Yours all look like they are having a fun and sticky time , as I am sure you did too.

Susan said...

Delphine, it's a pleasure to meet you! Isn't it great being a grandma? It's too bad you don't live near your grandkids, but I hope you get to see them regularly.

Thank you for stopping by! Come back soon!

Oliag said... soon as the local rhubarb is in the market I'm trying that recipe!...she has a great looking pound cake recipe today that I just might make too...

Susan said...

Oliag, I know! Doesn't that cake look like a killer? I don't know if my diet can take it though. I doubt I could make myself only eat a sliver. Her recipes are sooooo tempting!

Wrensong Farm said...

I think I vaguely remember the days when birthdays were REALLY looked forward to!! :)
Those are some great happy face pics!
(I remember absolutely loving viewmasters and it appears that they are STILL a popular gift!

Susan said...

Hi Tammy! So glad you're back to posting!

I know what you mean, I try to avoid thinking about my upcoming birthday. Unfortunately, my kids and well-meaning friends won't let me forget!

Did you know that the ViewMaster reels are now in 3-D? Or were they always? I can't remember for sure.