Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Canals, windmills and wooden shoes

Even in the early years of the Twentieth Century, canal boat rides in Amsterdam were popular with tourists. These boats appear to be carrying mostly dry goods and supplies, but I'm sure there some which carried passengers. You can take a look at the modern version here.


Yes, our next stop is Holland. The church on the right is Nieuwe Kerk, or New Church , which wasn't so new, even then. The building in the picture on the left is a wonderful example of "stepped gable" architecture which is from the Dutch Renaissance style. I'm sure it's a famous building and statue, but I couldn't find it.

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A typical windmill scene and a harbor scene with sailboats and houses.

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Harbor scene with shops or houses.

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Little Dutch girls and boys.


And large Dutch girls and boys. Those outfits sure didn't do the women any favors, did they?



Next post the ladies take a ferry ride.


Char said...

love the clothes in this one

Sandy Nawrot said...

Hey, it doesn't do the guys any favors either! That step architecture is one I have seen in my husband's hometown of Wroclaw Poland (see my photo here:

Ruth said...

I see those Dutch outfits and it's hard to imagine they really wore them. My sister-in-law and nieces have danced in the Dutch "klompen" (wooden shoe) dances in the Tulip Time festival in Holland, MI, for ages, and I'm used to the outfits being worn by mostly female dancers, even in the male outfits. Not too many guys go out for the dancing. It's fun to watch hundreds of them lining the downtown street doing their "line dance" and making lots of loud wooden stomping noises.

Those guys are something else in that shot, aren't they?

Susan said...

Char, the clothing is indeed quaint!

Susan said...

Sandy, I agree! One would have to have a very good reason to wear clothes that ugly!

I'll check out that post, thanks!

Susan said...

Ruth, that would be fun to watch! I've always wanted to go to Holland, MI. Yeah, if I were one of the guys, I wouldn't want to wear those outfits either! And I can just imagine trying to disguise my hips in one of the women's garments. UGH! It's hard enough to do in modern clothing.

"Klompen" is a good name for the shoes. My mom always told me not to "clomp" around with my shoes in the house. Guess that's where it came from.

VioletSky said...

So this looks familiar!
I cannot think where that first picture is of - but I recognize it. The Niewe Kirk - that's where Queen Beatrix was crowned (those 29 years ago when I was there).

And those people are from Marken and Volendam. It is still a tourist town where some people dress in costume.

Ruth said...

Really enjoying your blog, and your writing style. These pictures are a hoot, especially the ladies in their hats! I was particularly interested in this post since I've been to Amsterdam. Love those is such a unique place.

dutchbaby said...

We spent four glorious days in Amsterdam this summer. We arrived on the day of the Gay Freedom Parade which is held in the canals. We decided to take the rondvaartboot (tourist boat) soon after the parade was over. The celebration was enjoyed by everyone - gay, straight, or otherwise. I still smile at the thought of that evening.

Susan said...

That is great, dutchbaby! My husband has been there on business, but I haven't been yet. Was the parade as colorful as I imagine?