Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Could this alée be in Calais?

I'm pretty sure the next photo session took place in Calais, France, which was the ferry embarkation point for Dover, England.

The alée has a fountain hidden at the back. I have a feeling this was taken on a Saturday or Sunday. There are a lot of people strolling about.


Now what is this structure on which the ladies are sitting? In the distance it almost looks like you can see the sea. And, our fourth lady is back, but heavily veiled. Grandmother seems to have lightened up considerably.

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There is no trace of the building below, probably because it may no longer exist. Most of Calais was destroyed in World War II. If I had been one of the ladies in the next picture, I wouldn't have included it in this album!

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Here are two of the ladies, bundled up against the chilly air for their crossing of the English Channel aboard Le Nord Calais. The other photo could either be the White Cliffs of Dover or Cote d'Opale, depending on whether they were looking forward or looking back.


Ahhh, back in jolly old England!

The skyline of Dover perhaps?


Walking among the ruins of a castle?



Tudor rowhouses.

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And now, I am worn out from all this travelling, and the ladies and I just want to go home to America.

Some decadent layabouts living it up on the high seas. And I do believe our Junior Miss is looking just a bit more stylin' that when she arrived in Europe.


This journey has ended. The ladies and I do hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Arrividerci, adieu and cheerio!


CottageGirl said...

Bon voyage, ladies! Thanks to you and Susan for the virtual Victorian European holiday. Hope you brought back some wooden shoes!!

California Girl said...

I cannot tell you how poignant I found this musical interlude. It made me think of my father and his WWII service in England. He was stationed there with the Army Air Corp working in tandem with the RAF. I have to believe you have a similar history with your father?

I've followed your wonderful photo journal of the mystery ladies & their trip. You did fast forward me to the Second World War and I miss my father and all who have now passed in service to their country. I guess I'm just feeling misty. Thank you.

Char said...

I have loved this series. thank you so much for including all of the notes and research - it made me feel like I was along for the ride with the ladies.

Sandy Nawrot said...

This was an amazing journey and I'm so glad I was able to take it with you. Whoever took the photos did a really good job! I am sad...I want to know more!

Ruth said...

That was a unique blog experience, dear Susie, my hat's off to you for all that digging, and the imaginative idea in the first place. I don't even know how you begin to research some of these buildings and locations.

I enjoyed our travels immensely. Until next time!

Now, take a rest from your travels. I always need a vacation after a vacation.

Susan said...

CG, thanks for coming along on the trip! I'll bet there were some klompen tucked into one of their steamer trunks on the voyage home.

Susan said...

Isn't that a beautiful song, Cali Girl? I just love it. My dad was actually too old to serve in WWII. He was born in 1890! He was sixty-two when I was born! That's a whole 'nother story. But I had 3 half-brothers who served in the Navy during the war. And several uncles on my mom's side and older cousins on my dad's side. I don't think anyone's family went unscathed by that war.

I'm glad you enjoyed my virtual journey!

Susan said...

Char, I'm so glad you enjoyed traveling with me and the ladies. We loved having you along!

Susan said...

Sandy, thank you for all the nice things you have said along the way. I'm so happy that you joined in. Don't be sad about not knowing the story. :( Everyone needs a little mystery in their lives.

Susan said...

Ruthie, you got that right, I definitely need a vacation from my vacation! I really liked the puzzle of figuring out where and what, although I wasn't always successful. But that's okay, too. Maybe someday, someone will come up with answers for the ones I couldn't find.

Until next time!

VioletSky said...

Sit back, have a drink and enjoy the sunshine.
Great series.

Susan said...

Thanks, Sanna! Mmmmm, what are we drinking? Sunshine this afternoon, thunderstorms tonight. Oh well.

VaNeSsA said...

Susan, I cannot thank you enough for this series! What a lovely idea, to take us along. You deftly combined three things I love - old photographs, world travel, and independent ladies! What a marvelous thing you created.

Susan said...

Vanessa, thank YOU! For taking the time to look and travel with us! And for the very nice compliments!

dutchbaby said...

Thank you for a blissful journey!

Susan said...

Thank you, dutchbaby, for going along! And for your helpful comments!