Saturday, July 4, 2009

First birthdays happen once in a lifetime

Matthew Tyler's first birthday was on Thursday. I baked his cake (obviously I am not a professional cake decorator!) with a Sesame Street theme which totally didn't match the party theme of puppies, because I couldn't find any puppy cake decorations.


Let's get right to the gifts. Hmmm, wonder what's in this bag?


I can really throw this ball!


My sister and cousins were there.

Lauren, my big sis.


Kaitlyn and my Aunt Aimee helping free Curious George.

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Gaige and Nathan with their puppy ears.

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What did you say Mommy? It's time for cake now?


Happy Birthday, dear Matthew. Happy Birthday to you!



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A very tired and sleepy one-year-old boy.


He wore the hat the entire time!


CottageGirl said...

Happy Birthday, Matthew, you are such a cutie!!

Adorable family, Grandma!

Celebrations like this are so fun and so important!

Susan said...

Thank you, Kate! I agree wholeheartedly!

Alaine said...

Happy Birthday to Matthew! You did a great job of the cake, Susan.

Susan said...

Thank you, Alaine! The most important part is it was edible! lol

Sandy Nawrot said...

That is so precious. Reminds me of when mine turned 1. They both hated the hats, but they really dug into the cake. We nearly had to just take my daughter out in the front yard and hose her off after her foray with the Barney cake and the purple icing. I love the cake you can tell it was made with love!

Susan said...

Sandy, love was the number one ingredient! Matthew needed a good hosing off, too!

Tipper said...

Such a sweet little boy! I'm glad he had a good party.

California Girl said...

Way too cute Susan. Happy 4th!

Susan said...

Thank you, Tipper! Matt really enjoyed his party and he's just as sweet as he looks.

Susan said...

Hi, Cali Girl! Thank you! That's what I think, too, way too cute for their own good! haha

Anonymous said...

Ummm.... doesn't he have some parents that could mug a little for these pics? I remember one of them being pretty cute at this age too. (Still is and you can tell him I said so) From Matthew's Grape Aunt Anita

Wrensong Farm said...

That is ONE HAPPY young man!! Happy Birthday Matthew!! I think that cake is special and beats the heck out of any fancy's made with love. :)

Ruth said...

Cute from beginning to end! The cake looks delicious. I remember we could barely get Peter's hat on his head with the stretchy under his chin (big head).

What was the puppy game all about? Did you make those ears?

I see both you and David in Aimee. :)

Hey, it looks like you have sunflowers blooming!! If ours don't bloom, would you please deliver yours on August 1? It's not too long a drive is it? Do you have about 500 we could "borrow"? Love the header!

Susan said...

Hey Grape Aunt Anita! I don't think the parents were into having their pics taken that evening! Matt's daddy is still very cute, but I'm not telling him, 'cause his heads already too big as it is! lol

Susan said...

Thank you, Tammy! He was extremely happy for a very tired little boy. He's such a good baby. Never fusses and always pleasant.

Good to see you around! You must be very busy with the farm and working, too.

Susan said...

Ruthie, I would be happy to deliver all ten of our sunflowers to the wedding. Now, where you gonna get the other 490? :) Ours were all volunteers!

Jaye (Matt's dad) probably wouldn't have been able to wear the party hat either (big head)! The puppy ears were part of the party theme package. Jaye and Kelly have a website that sells party supplies. It was actually pretty nice, so I need to put up a link for it.

I'll take the comment about Aimee as a compliment as I think she's beautiful! Totally unbiased opinion of course! :)

Thank you! I love my new header, too!

California Girl said...

Just thought of a cute memory of another one year old birthday party I attended. My girlfriend's son was born 2 wks after mine. He turned one and she threw a party. At the time, we were living in Richmond, VA and you had to dress all the children up real nice. I was 7 mos PG with the second child and exhausted from the first. You should see me in the photos! But my beautiful son was so adorable. Anyway, all the babies were there in their best clothes with little tiny paper cone shaped hats. My son sidled up to this adorable little girl in a powder blue dress with a tiny blue bow in her blonde curls. He leaned over to her and everyone kind of held their breath thinking he was going to kiss her.

He bit her.

OMG! The screaming! He did not draw blood. But she screamed like a banshee. I was so embarrassed. He had never done that before nor after but I was immediately aware they thought he was ... "a biter".

We have photos of before and after, luckily not during.

Susan said...

Cali Girl, that's hilarious! I can just picture all that happening! I can imagine how exhausted you must have been! Too bad you DIDN'T get photos of the biting scene. Now that would have been one for the photo album!

Oliag said...

The cake looks absolutely yummy...and so does Matthew! What a happy party this looks like!...My sister was born on the 4th of July and I have to say I was quite jealous of the big celebrations I used to think were meant just for her!

I love the sunflower header!

Susan said...

Thanks, Oliag! The grandkids had a great time at the party. Although it looks like Matt's birthday was on the 4th, it's actually July 2. I just didn't get it posted right away. Those holiday birthdays always seem to be more fun with all the surrounding festivities. Especially Fourth of July birthdays!

Thank you for the header compliment! I think it's my best one yet.