Friday, October 10, 2008

The falling leaves drift by my window

Fall is here, but a strange one it is. We've had record drought and very warm daytime temperatures and nary a frost has been seen on the pumpkin. It did get below 40 degrees one night, so far. Finally a little rain this week, but only 3/4 inch, not enough to do much good. It did however bring down quite a few maple leaves in our backyard which made a pretty carpet for the chooks to explore.

Daphne, the one who was supposed to be a Buff Orpingtion but is a Buff Rock instead, is putting her best yellow foot forward.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Your yard looks beautiful! I planted many more deciduous trees this spring. I like the pine trees but I really wanted some color as well as food for wildlife. In a few years they'll look good in the fall when they change colors. Ah you have a cute little Buff Rock too! I bet she's an ornery little cuss if she's anything like my Cheese Doodle. She hates it when I pick up Betty and tries to bite me hard! She's a little brat but a good layer, so I'll just love her anyway.

Susan said...

Thanks, Amy, most of our color is yellow and gold, just a little red. I don't think it will last long this year. They're coming down fast.

Daphne, so far, doesn't have much of a personality. She hasn't squatted for me yet, so I don't think she's laying yet. I'm still only getting 5-7 eggs a day. I have no clue as to why they're taking so long to get going.