Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas surprises

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Cindy said...

Susan, I hope your Christmas is magical and nothing short of wonderful. Enjoy your family! Happy holidays!

Wrensong Farm said...

What a great pic! Both cats and dogs probably think it's pretty great when we bring trees in with all that great outdoor smell! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Ruth said...

Enjoy, Susan!

My word verification: hanta

Susan said...

Cindy, with five grandchildren around our Christmas is nothing but those nice things you wished for me!

I hope your Christmas is full of beauty and wonder. Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Tammy, I love that picture! It's actually from a few years ago and features Sammy, who is now our son's cat. We found him in a ditch on the side of the road when he was only about 10 days old. I had to bottle feed him until he was old enough to eat on his own.

Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Ruth, isn't it weird how the verification words sometimes eerily shadow the subject in the post? I've noticed that more than once. Hanta is a good one though!