Friday, December 19, 2008

She's still hanging in there


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Sparrow is out there with all the rest of the hens scratching and pecking. She has also been sleeping with the flock and they don't seem to be picking on her anymore than usual. I'm not so sure about the wound and how it's healing. It looks just awful and I don't see how she can be going about business as usual with it open like that. I would take a picture, but..... 1. She won't let me. 2. She won't let me. 3. You would be grossed out by it.

The ice storm came and went and now it's just wet, gray and windy with temps close to fifty. Gee, I love Winter in central Ohio! At least it isn't pouring the freezing rain and we escaped any damage. I was a little worried about my Kousa dogwood this morning as it was bent to the ground with the weight of the ice. It bounced right back as soon as it thawed. Now if I could just get it to bloom someday.

This beer stein ornament is solid pewter. I bought it at a German christmas market that was in Columbus a few years ago.

This one is clear glass, but the inside is covered with broken mirror and colored glass.
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Wrensong Farm said...

I'm glad Sparrow is still hanging in there. She'll probably be alright if she's eating, drinking and moving around. She is such a beautiful chicken!

Ruth said...

Sparrow really is gorgeous, but I'm sad about her wound. Thank you for 'sparr-ing' us. :|

Glad the storm didn't do damage, especially to your shrub!

The ornaments are so pretty! I am such a sucker for ornaments, man.

The fabric is in a box, I think it will go in the post tomorrow! Jeez, it's taking me forever. :D

Susan said...

Thanks, Tammy, that picture didn't do her justice. I was trying to dodge misty rain, so not my best photographic effort.

Susan said...

Thank you , Ruth. I have better pics of her with good lighting that shows the iridescent green spots, but wanted with this one to show some of the damage. I wish I could "sparr" myself from looking at it. Groan.

Don't fret about the fabric! It's not as if I will be whipping out the sewing machine until after the holidays anyway. It will give me something to look forward to in the nasty cold of "real" winter!

Amy said...

Poor Sparrow! I feel so bad for her. I wish her wound would close up.

That little beer stein is cute. When I was stationed in Germany back in '89 I collected quite a few German Christmas ornaments. One is a little wooden biermeister sitting on top of a big keg of beer. It's one of my favorites!

Susan said...

Thanks, Amy, me too. :(

A friend who lived in Germany while her husband was stationed there collected nutcrackers. I would love to go there someday.

Ruth said...

Well, good intentions and all. We went to the PO yesterday before heading into another town for shopping, and the window was just closing. Tomorrow when I go to town for my office Christmas party I'll swing by the PO. This is really getting too built up, because you might not even like the fabric. :| But that would be ok too, and you can pass it on. But I do hope you like at least some of it.