Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gorilla-size is the new large

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So I went to Burger King drive-thru today for a quickie lunch. Ordered a #1 combo as I was thinking I should be getting a kiddie meal instead. But I was really hungry. I drove around to the window and paid my $6.03 (boy, the prices have gone up since I was last there). The guy hands me my vat cup of Diet Coke. Good lord! I wasn't sure it would even fit in the cup holder! Apparently I said that out loud, because he cheerfully said the King size is the new large. Thank goodness it was diet! If I had drunk that amount with real sugar (the high fructose variety), I would have been in a diabetic coma! I came home and measured the amount and it was a full 40 ounces. Forty ounces! And not only was the drink gorilla-sized, but also the fries would have fed a family of four. I ate about half the food and brought the rest home to the dog and chickens. The drink lasted me the rest of the day. I don't think I'll be going back to BK anytime soon.

On a nicer note, here is another of my favorite ornaments and I've also added a few to the sidebar. Hope you enjoy!

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Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

So you had a 40 for lunch??? LOL Yeah, I know what you mean. I can't believe how much food they shove at us in restaurants. It's disgusting. No wonder America is the most obese country in the world! And you're right, the prices have gone up a lot! Fast food isn't a bargain anymore. My chooks love fries too.

I'm really enjoying seeing your ornaments. I have a clip-on style glass mushroom ornament that is my favorite. Your handmade chickie ornament is adorable! How sweet! I have a lot of glass ornaments, most of which were given to me. They are so pretty on the tree.

Susan said...

Yeah, I try to avoid fast food most of the time, but it's still the only place you can get food without getting out of the car. ((rolleyes))

Thanks for admiring my ornaments. I love them. I aggressively collected the glass ones for several years until I got a whole tree of them. Now I usually buy one a year. I haven't found any yet this year that's reached out and grabbed me. I would love to take credit for the chickie ornament, but it was probably handmade by some poor child in China. I try not to buy ones that come from there, but sometimes my baser instincts take over and I just have to have the cute.

Ruth said...

After seeing "Supersize Me" the whole bigger size really grosses me out too. But I do get hungry for a Whopper, and sometimes a junior just isn't enough! And I love how they make the combo meal so cheap, cheaper than just the burger and a drink, so you feel you have to get the fries ore you'll be wasteful!

The acorn is gorgeous! (Right, not mushroom? :) I agree with Amy, the chicken is SO cute, that little neck wreath! Hmm, makes me think of a photo op. Love the fish and pink heart too.

Susan said...

I know, Ruth! After watching that movie I didn't eat fast food for a year. Have you seen any of Morgan Spurlock's series "Thirty Days"? They did one in Columbus where he and his wife had to live on minimum wages. It was eye-opening.

I love that acorn. It's blown glass and somehow I managed to capture its luminescence in the photo. Don't ask me how and I could probably never do it again! I can just see Don out there trying to get one of his chickens to wear a wreath so you can snap its picture! lol I double-dog dare you!

My friend Lynn gave me the two heart ornaments. The pink one is actually purple, but I couldn't get the lighting just right. I have another fish one that's really small and it's purple. I guess I have a thing for purple Christmas ornaments.

Ruth said...

No, I haven't seen any of those 30 days experimental shows, but they sound so great. I admire their ingenuity and risk-taking.

Your acorn ornament photo is full of warmth and glow, you did a great job. Yeah, I have to think about this Christmas chicken photo op. Where would I find the right size wreath?? Thinking thinking.

All colors are good for Christmas, and I am definitely a fan of purple. When I was a kid my favorite crayon colors were orchid, periwinkle and carnation pink.

VioletSky said...

I'm loving the purple ornaments - and not just because it matches my decor. Okay, maybe that's why.

I want to get myself a tree now to justify buying some of the gorgeous glass ornaments that are around.

I've also seen the Spurlock shows - they are eye-openers.

Susan said...

Ruth, I love orchid and periwinkle, too! Why isn't the color orchid ever mentioned in anything these days? You see lavendar, but never orchid.

You should try Michael's or Hobby Lobby for the wreath. I can't wait to see the photo!

Susan said...

VioletSky, you should go out and buy a tree! You already have a head start with that gorgeous bird ornament with the fancy-schmancy tail feathers. It's amazing how many purple ornaments are out there. My friend has a tree decorated in all purple, white and silver. It's beautiful!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I love your ornaments!!!! Beautiful. and your photo's are great of them. Jealous here.
Also stupid question for you, how do you get strike outs on your posts? I can't seem to do a strike out(only bold, or italic)
I TOLD you it was a dumb question.

Susan said...

Thanks Jackee, I finally (after 3 years) learned how to turn off the flash and that was such a success, I actually have been experimenting with manual mode. Not too successful with that when the lighting is low, so I need to get the tripod out. I got a digital photography (Kodak)from the library so I could take better pictures. I think I'll have to buy it, because I doubt they'll let me keep it for six months. I have a long learning curve!

I put an answer to you question about strikethroughs on your latest post comments. Hope it helps.

Anita said...

Gals - getting back to chickens (and away from gorillas) -- did any of you see this article on urban roosters?

Susan said...

That was a cute article, Anita! I love to see grown men cry over roosters!

Cindy said...

Susan, You have some very beautiful ornaments! It looks like you need more chickens! I seem to have an over abundance of chicken items and ornaments around here, non of them purchased by me. My friends and family must think of me whenever they see chicken things because I seem to receive a lot of them.

Back to the "gorilla" size post for just a moment. After my hubby and I saw the movie "Supersize", we've boycotted McDonalds. We rarely go to any fast food restaurants with the exception of an occasional trip to Burgerville.

Susan said...

Cindy, you sure can get overwhelmed with trinkets by well-meaning loved ones! I've forbidden anyone (except my mother-in-law) to buy me anthing related to chickens, unless it's a book. Now that's not to say that if I saw a chicken thingie that really spoke to me that I wouldn't buy it, because I'm sure I would! :)

Anonymous said...

Your page and all that is in it is BEAUTIFUL Sis,
Merry Christmas
I love you