Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fresh and Clean

After visiting Matthew in the hospital, we brought Lauren home with us for the night. She had a wonderful time playing with My Little Ponys on the porch with her Poppy. Then we had a hastily-prepared dinner of frozen Taquitos (from Trader Joe's), pinto beans and sauteed zucchini. To my surprise, her favorite thing was the beans! She must take after her Grammy. After playing a little longer, it was off to have a bath. She loves playing with the fish that squirt water. Grammy always does the 'Jaws" music when the fish are nibbling at her toes. Then she gets squirted! "Do again!" she squeals. When she was dressed in jammies, she had a snack of graham crackers and milk before having her teeth brushed. Then it is time for a story or two. We read "The Berenstain Bears' The New Baby". It was her Daddy's book that I bought when I was pregnant with Josh. I can't believe it has held up for 29 years and it's not even hardback. Here is Lauren looking for a snack in the pantry.

Matthew is doing very well and will be ready to come home today. He's a calm baby, quite unlike big sister Lauren. Of course, that may change after he is home. He is nursing well and is sleeping a lot, so he must be getting nutrition. Kelly isn't supplementing with formula, so it's all her. His weight is holding steady. He's a real cutie-pie! His Daddy keeps calling him "Dude". Should that be his nickname?


Anonymous said...

You have beautiful grandchildren! Congratulations again. You must be so excited. Spoil them rotten!

Susan said...

Amy, I spent most of this afternoon holding Matthew. He is so sweet and such a calm baby. Totally opposite of his sister! She's a firecracker! Thank you for the compliments. I'm not much of a spoiler. They know when they come to Grammy's they have to toe the line, but it's done with love and we have a lot of fun, too.