Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A good time in the sand box

The chicken kids had fun in the sand box today. This is where I get their grit. I must have been slacking and they decided to get their own.

The great spangled fritillaries are loving my numerous purple coneflowers. At times there are three on one blossom. I can't seem to get a good shot of that, but here is a single one. We had black and tiger swallowtails in late spring, but I haven't seen any lately. Late last summer, David and I were walking and happened upon a whole tree full of monarch butterflies! It was the most lovely sight. I really hope we are that fortunate again this year. And I will be carrying my camera this time!


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Your chickens must have been talking to my chickens today. I had them rototilling a bare area near the house and there are 3 large dust bathing pits there now.

The butterflies are beautiful! I'm glad you mentioned the name. I didn't know that one. I am waiting for my butterfly bushes to start blooming right now. I won't have coneflowers till next year though.

Don said...

Hi Susan, I followed Amy over here from her blog. i enjoyed reading a little of your life on your five acres and appreciate your outlook on life! I have 39 various types of chickens which are about 3 months old. I think mine are about a week older than Amy's. I'll be back to stroll around your grounds, you have a beautiful place.

Susan said...

Don, thanks for coming over for a visit and for your nice comments! I've been looking at your blog and I really like it. I've added it to my favorites. Wow, you have a lot of followers! I'm still learning a lot about posting and trying to improve my blog. Come over any time!

Amy, my chickens are having a hard time finding loose dirt to bathe in that isn't in my flower beds! Our dirt is so hard here! I need to till up a space for them to use. Now where's that list? I have LOTS of coneflowers, be careful what you wish for! I haven't had much luck with butterfly bush. Perhaps if I get rid of more coneflowers, they might have a chance.