Friday, July 25, 2008

It's my bathtub! No, it's mine!

The chickens were being confined in their pen for a few days following the hawk attack, so I fixed a dust bath for them out of nice loose dirt from my patio flower bed, some ashes from the grill and sand from the sandbox. They loved it and wasted no time in trying it out. Goldie, Little Red and Puff were mixing it up in there.

It started getting a little crowded though, so I used the grandkids' small wagon to create another. Henrietta is taking advantage of being the first one in. The others were a little skeptical at first.

I've relaxed the quarantine on the chickens. The hawks seem to have left the area and Henry and his girls are a lot more aware of danger from above and head for the bushes and trees whenever they hear anything that sounds like a hawk or see that ominous shadow flying overhead. I'm sure that isn't the end of it, but I just try to be a little more cautious when I know the hawks are in our vicinity.


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Aren't you supposed to pluck the birds first before making the chicken salad? LOL Very cute photos! I'm sure they just loved the dust bathing areas. Your birds are just a little bit spoiled I think!

Susan said...

Amy, they are definitely spoiled! David tells me that every day! But at least they aren't wearing diapers! lol They are back to free-ranging after the hawk got caught in the netting over the run, it hasn't been back and I haven't heard it in the area either. I'm still watchful, though. They much prefer dust-bathing in the flower bed! Right after they poop all over the patio!